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CIRDIS is an Italian Interuniversity Research Centre for Statistical Education hosted by the Universities  of Padova, Palermo, Perugia and “Roma la Sapienza”.

The Centre has been constituted on 1991 with the general objective of promoting the development of research on statistical education in Italy.

Last News

(last updated September 13, 2006)

School Survey on-line

CIRDIS proposes to teachers working together so to create a database about students' characteristics and to do statistics using real data. Some teachers have joint to initiative and sent also interesting materials worked out in the classroom with their students.

The Galton Board: a hypertext for studying
the normal curve

In "Teaching Resources", in the section "CIRDIS Materials", it's available the new version of the hypertext for studying the normal curve, based on the Galton Board and referring students of upper secondary school and of university. The hypertext allows gaining and processing data collected through the electronic simulation of the Galton Board.


Bibliographical news

  1. CIRDIS Materials
    Lower secondary schools:
    • Milito A. M., Marsala M. R.(eds.), Teaching and learning statististics at school - An experimentation at lower secondary school. (In Italian).

    Upper secondary schools:

    • Brunelli, L. - Galmacci, G. - Gattuso, L. - Pannone, M. A., How introducing descriptive statistics - A teacher guide with Lab activities using Excel. Margiacchi, Perugia. (in Italian).
    • Brunelli, L. - Pannone, M. A., A Primer on Statistical Inference with Lab activities. Margiacchi, Perugia. (In print, in Italian).
    For further information mail to
  2. The journal Induzioni: Number 31/2005 is just published. See the summary. (In Italian)
    Publisher's web site:
  3. Statistics Education Research Journal: The fourth issue (SERJ Vol. 5, No. 1, May 2006) is now available at
  4. World Development Report 2006: Equity and Development of the World Bank is available at

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