IASC Mailing list

The Council of the International Association for Statistical Computing has decided to give its members the opportunity to keep in touch so as to enable them to discuss various topics concerning either IASC life and organization or scientific and technical matters. This is part of a more general project for improving relationships and communications amongst IASC members that a special Committee (G. Galmacci, M. Cameron, L. Edler and M. Mayer) is carrying on.

Today electronic mail can offer many solutions to facilitate communications among people: one of the most interesting in this case is to provide a list-server which can manage a list of interested people so that any information, question etc. sent to the list can be automatically circulated among members on the list.

Such lists are growing very quickly in many scientific areas, showing that they provide a real service; people who don't like them simply needn't subscribe.

A server for IASC member community has been defined and it is running at the Department of Statistics, University of Perugia, Italy. It manages a list, called IASC, which can accept subscriptions from anyone and also provides an archive where various kinds of information will be stored so that people can easily retrieve it. The list server and the archive are two different services: the former acts as an open forum, the latter will make available fundamental information concerning the Association and a collection of digests of the list forum, plus any kind of public interest documents that, in time, could be useful to the community. The archive can be explored by mail, using a simple set of commands, and can also support telnet requests for browsing available files.

This service is absolutely free of charge and people can choose to use its full capabilities or just part of them (i.e. archive access only).

To subscribe the IASC forum send mail


whose body (not subject!) must be

subscribe iasc

Once subscribed, to forward a mail to all list members address it to


To obtain more details concerning the use of the list-processor send a mail


by just inserting as text the word "help".


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