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Learning/teaching statistics with real data

Official Sources
Data from ISTAT, the Italy's National Statistical Institute.

Data collections on the United Nations website.

The World Development Report of the World Bank is available at: http://econ.worldbank.org/wdr/

Visit the website: CyberSchoolBus - United Nation global teaching and learning project.

"Experimenting new teaching strategies for learning statistics".

- Upper secondary school
Data. Data collected by some of the schools partecipating to the project. Download the file Aspetti_vita_quotidiana_Dati_scuole.zip (Excel '95 - 61 KB). 
Materials. The paper "Un'indagine in classe per apprendere la statistica" (A class survey to learn statistics), published in  INDUZIONI n. 21, 2000 is on line (File Zip PDF, 458 KB). It contains the teaching guide for the course on descriptive statistics developed for the experimentation (in Italian). The publication on-line has been authorized by the editor. 
The graphs of the 7th chapter are available separately: 1 (pdf 247KB), 2 (pdf 836KB)3 (pdf 600KB), 4 (pdf 51KB)5 (pdf 104KB)6 (pdf 130KB), 7 (pdf 447KB), 8 (pdf 379KB).
The Appendix to the guide contains ISTAT statistical tables, the questionnaire, the tests, etc. used for the experimentation (file zip 199 KB). 
A few exercises on statistical graphics (file zip 1,33 MB).
- Lower secondary school
Materials "Teaching Guide for the Experimentation" (in Italian) (File PDF, 250 KB).

Other data

Dataset "Studenti e altri dati", accompaining the book
 Statistica di Domenico Piccolo (Casa Ed. Il Mulino)
Data. The dataset "Studenti" contains data collected during the course of Statistics, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Naples in 1988-1995.
The dataset is downloadable from: http://www.mulino.it/aulaweb/home_volume.php?isbnart=07596-8.
For other datasets available from Internet, see the IASC page: http://www.iasc-isi.org/Misc-stat-data.html.

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